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Sally started her career as a runner at The Mill in 1995 where she was the only one who could make butterless marmite toast good enough for Pat Joseph.

Richard Firminger spotted her attention to detail and got her a job at WCRS where she spent most of her time at The Ivy with Nicky Barnes. Rob Steiner noted she was so brilliant at redialing the Arsenal ticketline with such speed and efficiency that she got him tickets for every match that he took her with him to BBH where she became a producer (and got told off at regular intervals for being too feisty). 

She soon realised it was production companies she was made for and switched sides learning her wares at Tomboy then heading to Academy where she spent 10 years as producer and the final few as joint MD. There she learned an extraordinary amount from the industry’s best Lizie Gower and Nick Morris.

Sally, Nick Gordon and Tim Nash set up Somesuch & Co. in July 2010 and haven¹t looked back. Their vision for the company is to make all kinds of great work, support their directors personally and build a brand in Somesuch & Co itself.